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Production Planning & Management

Production management was once considered a topic completely dominated by machinists and techy people. It is no longer the case. Production planning and management is now an all new discipline covering every operation that is undertaken from acquisition of material to its conversion to final product and its shipment.

That is exactly what is expected to be covered in this course.

Course Topic

  1. Types of manufacturing
  2. Basic concepts of planning
  3. Elements of planning
  4. Variables in planning
  5. Tools for planning
  6. Planning methods in the perspective of knitting industry
  7. Production management
  1. Driving the workforce
  2. Managing the man behind the machine
  3. Managing the machine
  4. Material management in the production process
  5. Different methods in production management
  6. Measuring effectiveness of planning
Pass Percentage:
  • 50%
Entry Qualification:
  • Intermediate
Course Duration:
Total hours: 90 hrs
Weeks: 10
Per week hrs: 9 hrs
Duration of period: 3 hrs
Working days in a week: 3 days
Hours' Break-Up:
Credit hours theory: 87 hrs
Credit hours practical: Nil
Industrial trip: 3 hrs
Grading System:

A+ - Excellent (90+)
A - Very Good (80-89)
B- Good (70-79)
C - Fair (60-69)
D - Satisfactory (50-59)
F - Fail (Below 50)
I - Incomplete  

Assessment Method Marks Distribution:

Attendance 10 Marks
Class Participation 10 Marks
Assignments (2 in no.) 15 Marks Each
Quizzes (2 in no.) 25 Marks Each
Final Exam 100 Marks
Total Exams 200 Marks
System Methodology:
  • Class room lectures
  • Presentation
  • Work groups and teams
  • Assignments

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