Fabrication Process for Knitted Garments

This course provides an in-depth practical knowledge of fabrication and its functions to the participant to enable them to meet the needs of the target market. The course covers topics such as Order Fabrication & Consumption of fabric to focused to knitwear industry.

Course Topic
  • Introduction to Textile
  • Fibers
  • Kind of fibers
  • Ginning
  • Basic knowledge of ginning
  • Spinning
  • Basic knowledge of spinning
  • Yarn
  • Kind of yarns
  • Introduction of fabric
  • Weaving
  • Basic knowledge of weaving Kind of basic woven fabrics
  • Knitting
    Kind of knitting
    Kind of knitting machines
    Kind of knitted fabrics
    Defect and solution of knitting
  • Dyeing
    Kind of dyeing
    Defect and solution of dyeing
  • Dyeing Kind of dyeing
    Defect and solution of dyeing
  • Printing Kind of printing
    Defect and solution of printing
  • Finishing
  • Costing of finished fabric Woven & Knitted
  • Consumption Woven & Knitted
Pass Percentage:
  • 50%
Entry Qualification:
  • Intermediate

Total hours: 72 hrs
Weeks: 8
Per week hrs: 9 hrs
Duration of period: 3 hrs
Working days in a week: 3 days
Hours' Break-Up:

Credit hours theory: 69 hrs
Credit hours practical: Nil
Industrial trip: 3 hrs
Assessment Method Marks Distribution:

Attendance 10 Marks
Class Participation 10 Marks
Assignments (2 in no.) 15 Marks Each
Quizzes (2 in no.) 25 Marks Each
Final Exam 100 Marks
Total Exams 200 Marks
Grading System:

A+ - Excellent (90+)
A - Very Good (80-89)
B- Good (70-79)
C - Fair (60-69)
D - Satisfactory (50-59)
F - Fail (Below 50)
I - Incomplete  
Course Methodology:
  • Class room lectures
  • Assignments

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