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Fashion Design & Management

The PHMA-Institute, proud to launch of new program of Fashion Design & Management, One Year Diploma & Six Months Certification Course with the affiliation of Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) & Trade Testing  Board (TTB) of Sindh.

The Fashion Design & Management course is designed to create a new generation of creative and highly skilled designers and entrepreneurs who are interest in the field of Fashion Design & Management and understand the demands of the local and international markets of Fashion Industry.

The Course through quality training will prepare students to become self-reliant Fashion designers. The program focuses on developing skills, progress of individual creativity, learning about trends & forecast and exploring new methods & techniques of creating fashion design. The subjects taught are combination of both theoretical and practical in order to develop original thoughts.


The curriculum followed in the One Year Diploma & Six months Certificate program in founded by TTB and the PHMA-Institute administration and the faculty. The elements of the local Industry and heritage are blended in the following taught courses: 

Course Topic 

One Year Diploma Course Coverage:


  • Introduction to Fashion: Contemporary & Domestic Business English
  • History of Fashion & Fashion Terms
  • Inspiration & Concept
  • Fashion Drawing & Sketching
  • Size & Basic Pattern 


  • Fashion Innovation
  • Color & Fabric
  • Illustration & Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Pattern Making-II
  • Draping-I
  • Machine Sewing-I

Semester – III

  • Domestic Fashion
  • Surface Embellishment
  • Computerized Pattern and Marker Making (CAD CAM)
  • Draping – II
  • Machine Sewing – II
  • Fashion Merchandising & Marketing


  • Collection
  • Portfolio Development 


Six Months Certification Course Coverage:

  • Introduction to Fashion: Contemporary & Domestic Fashion Design & Terms
  • Inspiration & Concept
  • Fashion Drawing & Sketching
  • Color & Fabric
  • Illustration & Style Presentation
  • Size & Technical Schedule
  • Pattern Making & Cutting
  • Draping
  • Embellishment
  • Machine Sewing
  • Collection
  • Portfolio Development 

Entry Qualification:

  • Intermediate/Metric 


Fee Structure:

Admission Fee: Rs. 1,500/-
Monthly Fee: Rs. 4,500/-
Certificate Fee: Rs. 2,000/-
 Faculty Profile:

Highly Qualified & competent professional associated with the Fashion Industry & having good experienced in the field of Fashion Designing will conduct this course.

System Methodology:
  • Class room lectures
  • Presentation
  • Work groups and teams
  • Assignments & projects
  • Practicals


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