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INCOME TAX WITH E-FILING (Basic) Training Program

Who can do? 

  • Are  fresh  Intermediate  and  like  to  pursue  a career in Income Tax
  • Are  already  working  professionals  who  are interested to switch over to Income Tax
  • Are already working in a Tax System and like to  excel  in  terms  of  better  position  and compensation
  • A  people  who  would  like  to  develop  their skills in the field of Income Tax

This Course is designed equips you to learn about Income Tax/ Direct, Calculation working Recording & E-Filling of Income Tax, provide tax advice and services to the self-employed or other rewarding areas such as industry, banking, commerce and the public sector. Furthermore the trainees will be taught the Company ordinance, Company Registration procedure, Customs Act 1969, Custom Tariffs, understanding of WEBOC System of Customs, Jurisdiction of Courts

In Pakistan, tax system is still not fully utilized because most of the individuals and companies do not know how to submit tax according to the Law and therefore, they do mistakes in the submission of income taxes and when FBR introduce online taxation system through electronically via their official website. Later on it becomes more difficult to understand by the ordinary persons or or accountants.Therefore, we have developed one of the required training programs which are most desirable according to the market, individual and companies. The program cover Income Tax and E-Filing Submission for Individuals for Individuals and Companies.

Course Topic:


  • Income Tax E-filing 
  • Sales Tax E-filing
  • Working with Customer Computerized System "WEBOC System"
  • Form "E" Filing
  • Income Tax Ordinance 2001
  • Sales Tax Act 1990
  • Company Ordinance 
  • Company Registration 
  • Custom Act 1969
  • Custom Tariff
  • Jurisdiction of Courts 
System Methodology:
  • Online Class lectures
  • Presentation by Trainees 
  • Assignments & projects
  • Industry Experts as Guest Speaker 
Entry Qualification:
  • Intermediate 
Course Duration:

Course Duration : 2 Months
Weeks: 08
Per week hrs: 9 hrs
Duration of period: 3 hrs
Working days in a week: 3 days
Grading System: 

A+ - Excellent (90+)
A - Very Good (80-89)
B- Good (70-79)
C - Fair (60-69)
D - Satisfactory (50-59)
F - Fail (Below 50)
I - Incomplete  


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